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[Bearbeiten] What is the purpose of this site?

Our goal is to provide programmers with a complete online reference for the C and C++ languages and standard libraries, i.e. a more convenient version of the C and C++ standards.

Unfortunately this means that being a good educational resource is not among our objectives. It is assumed that the reader has good knowledge of C and/or C++. As a consequence, a lot of things, e.g. tutorials, comments about usage cases of one feature or another, detailed explanations of things that are implicitly clear to an experienced programmer, etc., are not included and should not be added. Basically, we try to keep things simple and clear for a programmer looking for reference of a feature he already knows.

[Bearbeiten] Why is the material here limited to the standard C and C++?

In short, we chose quality over quantity. Some boost libraries could also be candidates for inclusion though. While their tutorials are very good, the reference documentation is often very inflexible and inconvenient.

[Bearbeiten] Where can I find more information?

Check out this collection of useful websites for alternative links and material that falls outside of the scope of this site.

[Bearbeiten] Which revision of the C Standard does this reference adhere to?

C11 is the most recently published C Standard. This means that C language is now defined in terms of C11 and we also try to stick to it. However, the differences between C89, C99 and C11 should be marked as such.

The C11 Standard can be purchased from the ISO or (often at discounted prices) from various national organizations (e.g. C11 from ANSI). Alternatively, the latest C11 Working Draft is available for free and differs only minimally from the final C11 Standard.

[Bearbeiten] Which revision of the C++ Standard does this reference adhere to?

C++11 is the most recently published C++ Standard. This means that C++ language is now defined in terms of C++11 and we also try to stick to it. However, the differences between C++03 and C++11 should be marked as such.

The C++11 Standard can be purchased directly from the ISO or (often at discounted prices) from various national organizations (e.g. C++11 from ANSI). Alternatively, one can use the Working Draft which followed the C++11 Standard itself. The differences between the Working Draft and the C++11 Standard are minor.

[Bearbeiten] Do you have a version of this site suitable for offline viewing?

Sure, you can grab one hier.

[Bearbeiten] What can I do with the material on this site?

The content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License (CC-BY-SA) and by the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) (unversioned, with no invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts). That means that you can use this site in almost any way you like, including mirroring, copying, translating, etc. All we would ask is to provide link back to so that people know where to get the most up-to-date content. In addition to that, any modified content should be released under a equivalent license so that everyone could benefit from the modified versions.

[Bearbeiten] What? This is a wiki? Can I change stuff?

Absolutely. If you see something that is wrong, fix it. However, currently the wiki is limited to standard C and C++, so you should not add non-standard content like compiler-specific extensions. Also, please double check any changes with the appropriate standard. If you are unsure about anything, you can ask about it in the discussion pages.

[Bearbeiten] How can I edit? What are the syntax rules?

This wiki uses Mediawiki, the same wiki system as the Wikipedia project. You can use their help pages to introduce you to the Mediawiki wikicode syntax. However, most of the content in this wiki is wrapped in quite complex templates. They do most of the formatting and help to aggregate the repetitive stuff in one place, so when something is to be modified, there is no need to make the same modification tens or hundreds of times. For help about the templates used in this wiki, see Help:Templates.

The wiki aims to have consistent style. Please see Help:Manual of style for a style guide that helps to follow consistent style and formatting in the wiki.

Note, however, that you don't need to know neither of the complex templates, nor abovementioned guidelines in order to contribute. It is much harder to write the content itself, than to apply the formatting, so don't care about the style when writing, as someone will fix that later.

Some high-traffic templates are locked in order to prevent vandalism or because of performance reasons. In these cases you should request a modification in the discussion page.

[Bearbeiten] I want to help. Where should I start?

Great! There are several special pages that contain suggestions for things that need to be fixed:

[Bearbeiten] Who is behind this site? was created and is maintained by a group of C++ enthusiasts from around the world. The site has been entirely community-supported since its inception in 2000; currently hosting costs are partially offset by the sale of horribly-pun-filled C++-related merchandise.

[Bearbeiten] How can I contact you?

You can contact us at

In case you're reporting a broken link, it might be easier to report it hier.